Michael Schmidbauer, 18241895 (aged 71 years)

Michael Schmidbauer 1924
Michael /Schmidbauer/
Given names
Note: Not related to the Schmidtbauers from LeRoy and then Pierz Minnesota
July 28, 1824
July 16, 1853 (aged 28 years)
MarriageVictoria MemmingerView this family
February 1, 1854 (aged 29 years)
October 23, 1856 (aged 32 years)
Birth of a sonAndrew (Andreas) Schmidbauer
August 27, 1858 (aged 34 years)
Baptism of a sonAndrew (Andreas) Schmidbauer
September 9, 1858 (aged 34 years)
1860 (aged 35 years)
Birth of a daughterMaria Schmidbauer
August 1862 (aged 38 years)
Birth of a sonJoseph Schmidbauer
February 1863 (aged 38 years)
Death of a sonJoseph Schmidbauer
1863 (aged 38 years)
Birth of a daughterTheresia Schmidbauer
June 3, 1864 (aged 39 years)
Birth of a daughterVictoria C. Schmidbauer
March 4, 1868 (aged 43 years)
Birth of a daughterBarbara Schmidbauer
April 19, 1869 (aged 44 years)
1870 (aged 45 years)
Birth of a daughterMabaelene Schmidbauer
October 4, 1871 (aged 47 years)

Death of a daughterMabaelene Schmidbauer
1871 (aged 46 years)

Birth of a sonMichael Schmidbauer , Jr.
August 4, 1872 (aged 48 years)
Birth of a sonJohanis E. Schmidbauer
April 18, 1875 (aged 50 years)
1880 (aged 55 years)
Marriage of a daughterJohn Bappist HausingerTheresia SchmidbauerView this family
March 1, 1881 (aged 56 years)

Marriage of a sonAndrew (Andreas) SchmidbauerJohanna GittelView this family
November 11, 1890 (aged 66 years)
Marriage of a daughterEdward AdelmeyerMaria SchmidbauerView this family
March 22, 1892 (aged 67 years)
Marriage of a daughterAndries Juliaan PetersVictoria C. SchmidbauerView this family
November 2, 1893 (aged 69 years)
Note: Married by Father Wahl

Married by Father Wahl Witnessed by John Stoddart and Katie Sullivan

Marriage of a daughterAndrew MeyerBarbara SchmidbauerView this family
July 9, 1895 (aged 70 years)
October 12, 1895 (aged 71 years)
Cause of death: stomach inflammation

Address: St Andrews Catholic Church Cemetery
Family with Victoria Memminger
Michael Schmidbauer 1924
Birth: July 28, 1824Bavaria, Germany
Death: October 12, 1895LeRoy, Dodge Co, Wisconsin, USA
Victoria Millenger 1832
Birth: November 30, 1832Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Death: March 14, 1926LeRoy, Dodge Co, Wisconsin, USA
Marriage MarriageFebruary 1, 1854Buffalo, Erie Co, New York, USA
5 years
Birth: August 27, 1858 34 25LeRoy, Dodge Co, Wisconsin, USA
Death: June 6, 1936LeRoy, Dodge Co, Wisconsin, USA
4 years
Birth: August 1862 38 29LeRoy, Dodge Co, Wisconsin, USA
Death: 1935LeRoy, Dodge Co, Wisconsin, USA
7 months
Birth: February 1863 38 30LeRoy, Dodge Co, Wisconsin, USA
Death: 1863LeRoy, Dodge Co, Wisconsin, USA
16 months
Birth: June 3, 1864 39 31LeRoy, Dodge Co, Wisconsin, USA
Death: January 11, 1953Mount Angel, Marion Co, Oregon, USA
4 years
Victoria Schmidbauer
Birth: March 4, 1868 43 35LeRoy, Dodge Co, Wisconsin, USA
Death: September 13, 1961Stillwater, Washington Co, Minnesota, USA
14 months
Barbara Schmidbauer
Birth: April 19, 1869 44 36LeRoy, Dodge Co, Wisconsin, USA
Death: 1940Boyd, Chippewa Co, Wisconsin, USA
3 years
10 months
Michael Schmidbauer 1905
Birth: August 4, 1872 48 39LeRoy, Dodge Co, Wisconsin, USA
Death: September 22, 1945Beaver Dam, Dodge Co, Wisconsin, USA
3 years
John E Schmidbauer 1875
Birth: April 18, 1875 50 42LeRoy, Dodge Co, Wisconsin, USA
Death: after 1936

Not related to the Schmidtbauers from LeRoy and then Pierz Minnesota


Arrived in the US 16 JUL 1853 on the ship Elsie, age 28, from Bremen, to NY. He was accompanied by Victoria Memminger, age 20. Applied for naturalization on Oct 23, 1856. 1860 census at LeRoy. 1870 census lists the name of Phebe (nickname) for mother Victoria and daughter Victoria. 1880 Census showed Michael and his wife Victoria and their children Victoria, Barbara, Michael Jr, and John living in LeRoy, WI. Andrew was living there outside the home. However, the spelling was listed as SCHNIEDBAUER not Schmidbauer.

The St. Andrew's Catholic Church (LeRoy) cemetery records list 13 Schmidbauers as being buried there, Michael being one. Schmid = Smith, Bauer = Farmer Schmidt (more common), Schmitt, and Schmid are variations of the same name.

Death - Johannon March 20, 1874, parents Michael and Victoria

There were two Michael Schmid(t)bauer's in LeRoy during the 1860-1880s one with the birth date 1824 (my ancestor), and the other Schmidtbauer with a birth date of 1837. Immigration records have them arriving in different ships, from the same port of Bremen, same year but one month apart.

There is speculation that the two Michael's were related in some fashion with a common mother of Theresa Petronella. This is reinforced by a review of the census records showing that they lived very close to one another with the same spelling of their last name Schmidtbauer. In review of the church records of St. Andrew's Catholic Church in LeRoy, I can find no linkage between the two Michaels, or there children, on baptisms, marriages, etc. Many of these documents reference other people.

I therefore conclude, based upon this data, that at this time, these two people are not related.