Clarinda Richards, 18421920 (aged 77 years)

Clarinda Richards
Clarinda /Richards/
Given names
September 18, 1842 44 37
Birth of a sisterSamantha Richards
December 28, 1845 (aged 3 years)
Death of a brotherChapman Richards
March 15, 1859 (aged 16 years)

Death of a brotherJames W. Richards
September 23, 1862 (aged 20 years)

Cause: Died at the battle of Antietam in the Civil war
Death of a brotherDarius Richards
October 3, 1862 (aged 20 years)

Death of a sisterMaria Richards
December 31, 1887 (aged 45 years)

Death of a motherSarah Fields
March 30, 1892 (aged 49 years)

Death of a fatherAntoine Richards
April 10, 1892 (aged 49 years)
Note: Died of pneumonia
Death of a sisterLouisa Richards
May 16, 1895 (aged 52 years)

Death of a sisterAmanda M. Richards
October 29, 1895 (aged 53 years)

Death of a brotherJoseph Richards
November 21, 1901 (aged 59 years)
Death of a sisterSarah Ann Richards
March 18, 1915 (aged 72 years)

Burial of a fatherAntoine Richards

Address: Reed cemetery

He is buried beside Sally in Massena’s Reed Cemetery. His name on the gravestone reads “Antwine Richards” providing a clue as to how people in Massena pronounced his name.

Sometime between the mid-1970s and the late-1980s, a car smashed into Antoine and Sarah Richards’ gravestone in the Reed Cemetery. I believe that my father (William F. White) said that there was an article in the newspaper describing the accident and naming the driver of the car. Dad did his best to assemble the many pieces of the shattered stone on the surface of the gravesite, immediately behind the support which is still there. Three of his ten children (Chapman, Derius, and Clarinda) are also buried in Reed Cemetery. Their gravestones survive in decent condition. Antoine and Sarah Richards are my great great great-grandparents. (See photos on next page)

-Robert W. White

Burial of a motherSarah Fields

Address: Reed cemetery
May 30, 1920 (aged 77 years)


Address: Reed cemetery
Family with parents
Antoine Richards
Birth: April 3, 1798 48 39Racket River, St Lawrence Co, New York, USA
Death: April 10, 1892Massena, St Lawrence Co, New York, USA
Sally Fields
Birth: January 20, 1805Canada
Death: March 30, 1892
Marriage Marriage1820Massena, St Lawrence Co, New York, USA
2 years
elder brother
Birth: February 1822 23 17Massena, St Lawrence Co, New York, USA
Death: March 15, 1859
3 years
elder sister
Maria Richards
Birth: 1824 25 18Massena, St Lawrence Co, New York, USA
Death: December 31, 1887
4 years
elder sister
10 months
elder sister
Birth: May 12, 1828 30 23Massena, St Lawrence Co, New York, USA
Death: October 29, 1895
4 years
elder brother
Birth: April 14, 1832 34 27Massena, St Lawrence Co, New York, USA
Death: November 21, 1901Barron, Barron Co, Wisconsin, USA
3 years
elder brother
Birth: August 5, 1835 37 30Massena, St Lawrence Co, New York, USA
Death: October 3, 1862
3 years
elder sister
Sarah Ann Richards
Birth: January 17, 1838 39 32Massena, St Lawrence Co, New York, USA
Death: March 18, 1915
3 years
elder brother
Birth: May 7, 1841 43 36Massena, St Lawrence Co, New York, USA
Death: September 23, 1862
17 months
Clarinda Richards
Birth: September 18, 1842 44 37Massena, St Lawrence Co, New York, USA
Death: May 30, 1920
3 years
younger sister
Samantha Richards
Birth: December 28, 1845 47 40Massena, St Lawrence Co, New York, USA
Death: February 18, 1928Hermon, St Lawrence Co, New York, USA
NameWilliam F and Bob White
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