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This is the genealogy of Louis Johannsen and Johanna Dohrn who emigrated from Schleswig Freidrikstadt Germany to Chicago in 1882. Additional families include Skinners, Richards, and Pieter Claesen van Norden Wyckoff.

Pieter emigrated to America in 1637, as an indentured servant to Kiliaen van Rensselaer, in Rensselaerswyck (now Albany, New York). After Claesen worked off his indenture, he labored as a tenant farmer, leasing land from the Rensselaer patroonship. When the British took over the Dutch colony in 1664, Pieter Claesen adopted the fixed surname of Wyckoff. Most commonly accepted is that he chose this name as in Dutch Wyk means parish or magistrate and hof means court. Today, New York City's oldest house and first official landmark, the Wyckoff Farmhouse (see picture) stands in Brooklyn, New York. The house was the home to the Wyckoff descendants for 250 years.

Francois Charles Richards , born in France, came to America with Marquis de Lafayette to fight the British in the Revolutionary War. The Richards family settled in the Massena area of New York state.

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